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Wugen to Present Data on WU-NK-101 for Relapsed / Refractory Acute Myelogenous Leukemia at The American Society of Hematology’s (ASH) 64th Annual Meeting

SAINT LOUIS, MO and SAN DIEGO, CA, November 3, 2022Wugen, Inc., a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing a pipeline of allogeneic cell therapies to treat a broad range of hematological and solid tumor malignancies, today announced an upcoming presentation highlighting key features of WU-NK-101, the company’s lead memory natural killer (NK) cell therapy product, that support its application for the treatment of relapsed/refractory (R/R) acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) and elucidate predictors of therapeutic response to cytokine-induced memory-like (CIML) NK cell therapy. The data will be presented at the 64th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Hematology (ASH) taking place December 10 – 13, 2022 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Compared to conventional NK cells, WU-NK-101 demonstrated enhanced trafficking to the bone marrow, robust anti-tumor activity, and an adaptive metabolic profile consistent with aerobic glycolysis, which may support resilience in an immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment (TME). Together, these data demonstrate WU-NK-101 may represent an effective treatment modality for R/R AML.

Further analysis also identified an 8-gene TME signature score that was significantly higher at baseline in patients with R/R AML that responded to CIML NK cell therapy. The TME signature also correlated with response duration.

The details of Wugen’s presentation at ASH are as follows:

Title: Putative Predictors of Response to WU-NK-101, an Allogeneic, Enhanced Memory (ML)

Natural Killer (NK) Cell Therapy Product, for Relapsed/Refractory (R/R) Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)

Publication Number: 3294

Session Name: 703. Cellular Immunotherapies: Basic and Translational: Poster II

Session Date and Time: Sunday, December 11, 2022 from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. CT

Location: Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, Hall D

Presenting Author: Sergio Rutella, M.D., Ph.D., FRCPath, FRSB, Nottingham Trent University

Additional meeting information can be found at

About WU-NK-101

WU-NK-101 is a novel immunotherapy harnessing the power of memory natural killer (NK) cells to treat liquid and solid tumors. Memory NK cells are hyper-functional, long-lasting immune cells that exhibit enhanced anti-tumor activity and a cytokine-induced memory-like (CIML) phenotype. This rare cell population has a superior phenotype, proliferation capacity, and metabolic fitness that makes it better suited for cancer therapy than other NK cell therapies. Wugen is applying its proprietary MonetaTM platform to advance WU-NK-101 as a commercially scalable, off-the-shelf cell therapy for cancer. WU-NK-101 is currently in development for acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) and solid tumors.

About Wugen

Wugen, Inc., is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing the next generation of off-the-shelf memory natural killer (NK) and CAR-T cell therapies for cancer. Wugen is leveraging its proprietary MonetaTM platform and deep genomic engineering expertise to pioneer a new class of memory NK cell therapies to treat hematological and solid tumor malignancies. For more information, please visit

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