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Wugen Announces Exclusive License Agreement With HCW Biologics For Cell Therapies to Treat Cancer

ST. LOUIS, MO, March 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – Wugen Inc., a biotechnology company developing novel, universal allogeneic cell therapy platforms, today announced that it has entered into an exclusive license agreement with US-based HCW Biologics Inc. (HCW) for the use of their proprietary fusion molecules to manufacture Wugen’s cellular therapeutics for the treatment of cancer. HCW will oversee the manufacturing and supply of these proteins to Wugen. Wugen will research, develop, and commercialize cell therapeutic products on a world-wide basis.  

“Through this agreement and collaboration with HCW Biologics, a transformative immunotherapy company, we will advance and expand Wugen’s development of innovative, game-changing, off-the-shelf NK and T cell therapies for a wide range of cancers,” said John McKearn, Ph.D., CEO of Wugen. “This collaboration will allow us to reach more patients with our unique and effective treatment approaches, aiming to improve their quality and quantity of life.”

Hing Wong, Ph.D., CEO of HCW Biologics notes “HCW has developed first-in-kind immunotherapeutics using its proprietary platform technology to enhance and support cell-based therapies against cancer.  We are thrilled to have Wugen incorporate our products into their leading portfolio of innovative cellular therapies, advancing us into this emergent field. This partnership leverages Wugen’s expertise in cellular therapy and HCW’s expertise in protein fusion immunotherapies, enabling HCW to focus on accelerating lead product candidates for inflamm-aging.”

CAR-T and NK cells have shown remarkable activity in the clinic in the treatment of cancer, but significant challenges remain with regard to generating sufficient numbers of highly active, robust immune cells. The patented molecules generated by HCW Biologics allow for the robust activation and expansion of immune cells to significantly lower the cost of goods, enabling greater patient access to these important cellular therapies.

About Wugen
Wugen is developing universal “off-the-shelf” cell therapy for the treatment of cancer.  Wugen was founded based on technology licensed from Washington University in St. Louis. For more information please visit

 About HCW
HCW is developing proprietary protein-based immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer and other age-related diseases. HCW’s mission is to create and develop transformative immunotherapies to lengthen healthspan by disrupting inflamm-aging. For more information please visit

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